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Years together at NAU

More than just normal tax consulting. Working at NAU.

Arrival at NAU in Frankfurt Downtown

Whether you arrive by train, e-bike or car - thanks to optimal transport connections, our own parking spaces for our employees and e-charging stations, a stress-free arrival at our company is guaranteed.

Status quo meeting

Mutual exchange is important to us. That's why we hold a staff meeting once a week to discuss current, professional and organizational topics.

Focus times

We attach great importance to working on our clients' issues in a focused and undisturbed manner. For this reason, we have fixed focus times during which we concentrate fully on our work.

Strengthened for the day

Our team should want for nothing. For us, free drinks, fresh fruit and nourishment for our employees are a matter of course.

IFU-Institute presence training in the office

We have our finger on the pulse, both in our tax areas of expertise and in the field of digitalization. We regularly pass on our knowledge in training courses at the renowned IFU-Institute.

Clientmeetings- digital, in our office or at the client's premises

Regular communication with our clients is important to us. Thanks to our flexibility, our clients are free to decide whether the next meeting should take place digitally, in our office or at the client's premises.

Team, activities, and technology. What working at NAU is all about.


As a team, we stick together and are there for each other even in stressful times. We benefit from our individual strengths and thus support each other in our professional development.


Working in our team is much more than tax compliance. We combine the advantages and structure of a medium-sized tax consulting firm with multi-layered and varied activities that one would rather expect from a larger company.


For us, technology means the opportunity to reduce administrative and nerve-racking activities to an absolute minimum and thus to have more time available for the really important things - the holistic advice of our clients.

More than just a fruit basket. Our employee benefits - Well NAU.

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When our employees are well, we are well. With our NAU health program, all employees have access to their own health credit, which can be used according to individual needs for benefits such as blue light glasses or massages. In addition, our team benefits from other services such as a specialist service or free telemedicine consultations.

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Whether it's a gym, yoga classes or climbing - we encourage our team's sporting activities and thus provide a balance to everyday working life. In addition to the health aspect, joint sports activities also have a positive effect on our team building.

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Only those who are equipped in the best possible way can also deliver the best possible performance. Our hardware equipment with two monitors, webcam, headset and much more is just as natural for us as modern software solutions (e.g. our NAU client cloud or innovative DATEV applications).

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Of course, we do not neglect the catering of our team. Drinks such as water, coffee and tea as well as healthy nourishment for the nerves are just as much a matter of course for us as the ever-popular fruit basket. We also take care of catering on birthdays and are happy to get together as a team for a little drink.

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Whether a joint workshop in Frankfurt's Waldstadion or a team event with the goal of building a mobile raft within a few hours. Our joint teamevents take place several times a year, giving us a little distance from the tax world and bringing us even closer together as a team.

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When and where plays only a secondary role for us. Through our consistent focus on digital and efficient processes, we enable location-independent work at all levels. This is how we create the basis for an optimal work-life balance.


We, you, one team. Our open positions.