Holistic consulting. Customized for your industry.

We combine a holistic consulting approach with a special focus on specific industries, enabling us to develop custom-fit solutions for you even in the case of industry-specific issues. However, focusing on selected industries does not mean that we lose sight of the big picture. Through our holistic consulting approach, we look at your company from different angles and proactively advise you beyond the fiscal horizon.

Specialized consulting from a single source. Advice for securities institutions.

Due to special regulatory requirements, providing tax advice to securities institutions involves special challenges. We are aware of these challenges and, thanks to our specialized industry approach, have the necessary know-how to provide securities institutions with holistic, legally secure and proactive advice.

Joachim Schlott


"The requirements for advising securities institutions are manifold. Above all, the tax peculiarities, the special form of the annual financial statements, compliance with reporting deadlines and the exchange with the federal authorities are challenging for the advisor. In all of this, we can draw on many years of expertise and offer our clients a smooth process here. They should keep an eye on the regulations of the Deutsche Bundesbank and BaFin, but be affected by them as little as possible. Relieving the burden and focusing our clients on their core business should be our priority."

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