Holistic consulting. Customized for your industry.

We combine a holistic consulting approach with a special focus on specific industries, enabling us to develop custom-fit solutions for you even in the case of industry-specific issues. However, focusing on selected industries does not mean that we lose sight of the big picture. Through our holistic consulting approach, we look at your company from different angles and proactively advise you beyond the fiscal horizon.

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Software companies

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Doctors and medical professions

We supply the right hardware and software. Fiscally and in terms of business management.

Software companies embody characteristics such as progressiveness, growth and efficiency, which also apply to us as a modern partnership and play an important role in our consulting principles. Therefore, it is certainly no coincidence that for many years we have been focusing on supporting various software companies of different sizes in their tax and business management issues.

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Rolf Martin

Zentraler Ansprechpartner für Softwareunternehmen

"I support a large number of software companies of different size classes as a holistic contact person. It is not uncommon for cooperation with new clients in this area to begin with a reappraisal of past mistakes in tax strategy. Once the tax and structural legacies have been eliminated, my focus is on the development and legally compliant implementation of a target structure that takes into account not only tax aspects but also business aspects."

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